Interviews in Creativity: Jennifer Lee

Interviews in Creativity is a new series where Jacqueline Wolven chats with creatives to see what helps them stay motivated, organized and how they get work done.

Today’s interview is with life coach Jennifer Lee.

When did you decide to do creative work professionally?

JL: I’ve always been creative and crafty. During my corporate career, I used my spare time to I sell some book arts and explore how to better integrate creativity with coaching. It wasn’t until I quit my 9-to-5 job about two and a half years ago, though, that I fully stepped into my creative profession and finally gave myself permission to claim myself as an entrepreneur and an artist. Once I did that, my brand began to crystallize, my coaching practice began to really thrive and I ventured into making creative products.

What is a typical day like for you?

JL: My days really vary, which is part of what I love about my creative life! I do have a relatively consistent morning routine. I usually wake up on my own (my alarm clock is a rarely-used relic from my corporate days. I am not a morning person!). I do some breathing exercises, journal in bed and take my dog for a walk. Then, I might do yoga or go to the gym. On days that I coach, I’ll have half hour calls throughout the day. I might fit in a blog post or some writing or work on my creative projects here and there. I often forget to eat because I get so wrapped up in my endeavors and I’ve been known to stay up too late doing e-mails or feeding my Facebook addiction!

When you are blocked what do you do to get out of it and back working?

JL: One of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck is to sit in my backyard with my dog, especially on a nice day. Also, since I always have multiple projects going on, if I’m blocked in one area, I’ll jump to another and see if I can get some traction there. For example, if I’m feeling really blocked on my book (which happens quite a bit as my book coach can attest to!), I’ll take a stab at a blog post first and that will jumpstart my writing so I can then go back to the book. If I’m in a prolonged funk, I’ll just take a break altogether for a couple of days and read in bed, hang out with friends or just veg out.

Where do you find your greatest inspiration?

JL: I find inspiration all around me. I appreciate the beauty of nature and of life. I’m inspired by seeing people live their dreams and express themselves. I get random flashes of insight when I’m walking my dog. And I love it when I get an intuitive hit about how to integrate disparate concepts into a new idea.
What quirky thing do you do that is part of your creative life?

I have a “feel good music” playlist on my iPod that I always listen to when I’m doing something artsy or crafty. It’s the soundtrack to my creative life.

If you could give one piece of creative advice, what would it be?

JL: Get out of your comfort zone. By trying something new or even something that scares you, you’ll get your creative juices flowing. You’ll discover that you’re way more resourceful than you probably think you are. And from that, inspiration, insight and innovation are born.

Where can we find your work – or learn more about you?

You can visit my coaching website or follow me on twitter.

If you could do one crazy thing in your life, with no serious repercussions, what would that be?

JL: Hmm, maybe become a trapeze artist and join the circus? It seems absoultely crazy to me because I’m deathly afraid of heights but it looks like so much fun!

Jacqueline Wolven is interviewing creatives as part of an ongoing series to see what helps them stay motivated, organized and get work done. If you would like to be interviewed or can suggest a great subject, email her at She is the Smartest Girl in the Room at MoxieWorks, delivering big marketing ideas to the small business.

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    I subscribed to your blog when is the next post

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  • seo company November 5, 2009, 1:26 am

    I subscribed to your blog when is the next post

    mike jumper

  • jamie February 12, 2009, 10:46 pm

    Jenn is such an inspiration! I really enjoyed the interview. I'm being inspired to create a soundtrack to my creative life – what a fun idea!