Productivity News: Creating Todo lists with Gmail and Jott, Consequences of Internet at 30,000 feet, and 30 Boxes creator on email GTD

Creating My ToDo List Through Jott And Gmail

“1. If you don’t have an account with Gmail, you must set one up by going here.
2. Once you have logged into your Gmail account, go to the “Labels” box on the sidebar and click on “Edit labels”.
3. In the entry box marked “Create a new label”, type in the name of your label that you will store all of your to do’s and hit enter. (Mine is called “*TODO” – the asterisk keeps the label at the top of the list of labels in the sidebar).”
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37 Signals Take on why internet is bad in airplanes [caution: stong language]

“Ironically, SAS killed the internet access on their transatlantic flights this January because nobody was using it. (Well, except for me saying “look, I’m online at 30,000 feet!!” in a chat room). And I think that’s a good indicator for offline web applications. The idea is cool, but the reality is that it just doesn’t matter. You don’t need access to all your stuff all the time. We’re already overloaded with connectivity. Cherish the few remaining strongholds for offlineliness!”

Clearing Your Inbox with Minimal PainÂÂ

“My complete system involves a physical inbox and simple file structure, 30 Boxes for my calendar and contextually tagged to do lists, and trusty Apple Mail. Of course, any combination of web or desktop apps will suffice.” g

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