GMail Doesn’t Do Long Emails

GMail Doesn’t Do Long Emails

Apparently GMail truncates email messages longer than a few hundred lines.  Digital Inspiration informs us that if you do find yourself with an email that has been truncated, you need to click a link to read it all.

This normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that if you receive long forwards, GMail just forwards the shortened text, without giving you a link to click to read the entire message.

Fortunately, Amit’s got a few workarounds for the email problem.

 Either use another email program like Windows Live or Yahoo! when subscribing to email newsletters or download GMail to Outlook / Thunderbird – the POP access will always download the full message body from GMail servers.

Hopefully Google will rectify this problem soon.  I’ve never seen it before, but if you’re a forward junkie it could seriously hamper your mojo.

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