Highrise Launches

highrise from 37 signalsHighrise, the 37Signals latest production, has just launched. 

Highrise is a nifty little online contact manager.   With Highrise you can:

  • Share contacts and personal info with others in your organization
  • Assign tasks for contacts and reminders that can be sent to your mobile phone
  • Keep a full history of all the interactions you make with each contact.  Emails, calls, conversations, everything.
  • Create cases.  These are like virtual folders that groups and stores information for contacts and their organization.

The thing I like best about Highrise is the hidden power of email integration they’ve built in.  You can cc or forward all of your emails to your dashboard, and they show up beautifully in your highrise dashboard.  You can also assign tasks and have them date sensitive, just by changing the email address to Highrise.

Highrise is a great app.  It’s not as robust as other tools of it’s kind, but like all 37 Signal products, it’s dead simple.  There’s no learning curve.  You just signup, and your business communication is organized.

Highrise comes with several levels of accounts ranging from free to $149/month.

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