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Here are some great links to check out in your free time this weekend. I found all of these over at the popular pages. It’s pretty interesting stuff… but then again would I point you to anything that wasn’t? :)

Hipster PDA Templates
“Inspired by Laurent Baumann’s brilliant Flat WhiteBezel icon set, the templates are designed to take maximum advantage of the limited real estate of the 3×5 card. The design favors writing space over boundaries. The borders and text are gray to allow your writing to dominate the page.”

Top 20 Motivation Hacks
“Achieving goals is not a matter of having “discipline”. It’s a matter of motivating yourself, and keeping your focus on your goal. Follow these hacks, or any combination of them that works for you, and you should have the motivation and focus you need.”

The Four Best Ways to Sit at Your Computer
“The reality of modern day information work is that most of us spend a good chunk of our time each day seated in front of a computer. I’m big on time maximization so my feeling is that if we’re going to be on a computer all day why not make the best of it. The problem with poor posture is that eventually over time it leads to injury.”

Five Weeeeeeeeeeird Tips For Great Meetings
“That’s why meetings become toxic—they put uncreative people in a situation in which they have to be something they can never be. And the more effort they put into concealing their inabilities, the more toxic the meeting becomes.”

Top 10 Gmail Tips and Hacks
“Since you can do so much with and to Gmail, I thought I would round up my favorite tips and hacks for users both old and new. Some of these are simple ideas for thinking about labels in a different way, while others add more powerful functionality for the most dedicated of Gmail ninjas.”

Slife Labs
“Slife is the new awareness browser for the Mac OS X that lets you visualize your computer activities like never before. Trying to be more productive? Wondering where all that time went? Now you can find out!”

GTD Mastery 100
List of 100 things you can do to become a GTD master. Maybe a little overkill for most people, but still some great tips.

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