Physical Organization Tools Can Be Just As Good As Online Tools

Since we’ve launched the Big List of Online Productivity Tools, I thought it would be good to show examples of a more physical type of GTD. That’s right boys and girls, we’re travelling back in time to a place where people still use paper, pens, sticky notes and actual wall calendars. This is organization at it’s most primative period.

Yet for me, it still works. Quite well actually. I’ve got stickies (not stikkits) hanging around the office. For as much as we care about online productivity, there’s still something to be said for the feeling of satisfaction when physically crossing something out with ink. Or the physical crumpling of a sticky note.

Here’s a couple cool implementation of old skool organization (courtesy of Lifehacker).

Sticky note todo list

sticky note todo list

Jon Symons has a cool sticky note system that is just as flexible as any online todo application.

Monster magnetic whiteboard calendar

big magnetic whiteboard calendar

No more wimpy, unobtrusive calendars that wait patiently for you to look at it on your terms. This gi-normous calendar commands attention from every spot in the room.

If you’ve got $160 laying around the cushions of your couch, pick up one of these beasties. Seriously though… don’t you think there could be homemade version for much less?


So there you have it. We don’t have to use online applications to get our stuff organized. Sometimes the physical act of crumpling and tossing a sticky note away trumps the nonchalent mouse click used to check an item off of a digital list. Keep that in mind while trying to find the Holy Grail of productivity tools

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