Project And Action Verbs List To Speed Up GTD

By beginning your next actions with verbs, you’ve instantly honed in on what it is you’ll be doing. Yet sometimes it’s just not that easy to give an appropriate action with a standard, blah verb. Enter 43Folders to the rescue. Merlin’s got a killer list of action verbs and project verbs to use when making those GTD lists.

In fact, one of the hang-ups that many people encounter in planning their work in GTD is that, no matter how hard they try, they can never seem to get the distinction between single-action verbs and the larger look-into style projects that may require sub-actions. This comes up a lot, and it can lead to frustration and untold friction.

Well, if you’ve ever shared this affliction of not knowing your verbs from a hole in the ground, I have some rare and unexpected GTD gold.

If Merlin says it’s GTD gold, you better believe it is.  Start using these verbs to spice up your actions!

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