6 Months with Complice: A Review

Learn about a tool for self-directed work in this Complice review

Totally unrelated to anything concerning productivity, (more like the opposite actually), I took the “What Superhero Are You” test. And I’m … Spider Man Spider-Man 85% Superman 80% The Flash 75% Robin 67% Hulk 65% Supergirl 62% Iron Man 60% Batman 60% Catwoman 50% Green Lantern 50% Wonder Woman 42% You are intelligent, witty, a… Read more

Podophile has a great post on how to get things done with your iPod. By using Quicksilver to sync with your iPod, you can now send yoiur lists over to the tiny jukebox. At the click of a button, all of your Projects and Context Lists are sent to your Notes folder, making it easy… Read more

Dave Barnes is a great singer/songwriter. Little did I know that he sang Christmas carols in his native accent in front video cameras… _1vLEbbgD2g

The blog editor of choice for many seasoned bloggers, ecto just pushed out some updates for Windows users. Some of the major new things added: Added Flickr Search support for image upload. Added support for CSS style/class for image upload. Added support for generic tag format (e.g. Ultimate Tag Warrior) Added’s Quick Blog to… Read more

Merlin’s got some great tips on how to keep your Mac from becoming distracting. A must-see for Mac productivity buffs.

Every year, Americans spend $250 billion–$100 billion during the holiday season, alone–buying presents for one another. “Imagine, for one delirious moment, what we could accomplish if even a small percentage of that gift money were redirected to nonprofits working to make the world a better place.” I love the idea for Instead of an… Read more

Brian at Copyblogger has a very creative post basically asking the question WWMTD? (Or ‘What Would Mark Twain Do?’.)  While this doesn’t have much to do with productivity on the surface, there are some great nuggets to take away this holiday season. “The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession.” Twain would have… Read more

Lisa Peake has got some sweet tips to managing your inbox this holiday season (as in GTD inbox, not just your email). My favorite: Make processing time enjoyable. Yes, it can be done! Listen to your favorite piece of music, brew a fresh cup of coffee, choose a time of day that you simply love.… Read more

BestBuy has officially rocked the socks off of the business world. Instead of measuring workers’ productivity by hours, they now use output as the basis for their metrics (called a Results-Oriented Work Environment). So, instead of having to work an 8 hour day, workers can now work as long as needed to fill their quota.… Read more

Google Operating System reports that a feature has been added that lets you read feeds in a chronilogical order first.   Niice. A lot of times I feel like I’m constantly reading condensed spoilers to good stories when I can’t read stuff in chronological order.  I like reading my news from first to last, to watch… Read more

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