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   1.  The Art of Non-Conformity » How to Write 300,000 Words In 1 Year
   2.  Playing to Win: Turning Money Management into a Game
   3.  John Mayer 2011 Clinic – “Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself:
   4.  The Fallacy of Compartmentalization
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   6.  Creativity for the Cautious — PsyBlog
   7.  The Only Way to Get Important Things Done – Tony Schwartz
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   11.  Maxim Founder Felix Dennis on the Fallacy of Big Ideas
   12.  Steve Jobs’ Home Office Pictures (Aug 2004)
   13.  Why ‘Be Passionate’ Is Awful Advice
   14.  Now I Know: Redefining Nemo
   15.  Organize your writing, J.K. Rowling style | Unclutterer
   16.  How Handwriting Improves Ideas
   17.  Happiness Is Overrated – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review
   18.  Phys Ed: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter? –
   19.  John Cleese on the Origin of Creativity
   20.  Two is the magic number: a new science of creativity.
   21.  My Thoughts on Kindle 3 and Why My iPad’s About to Get Very Dusty | Bridging the Nerd Gap
   22.  Send Ideas to the Graveyard :: Tips :: The 99 Percent
   23.  The Dirty Truth About Digital Fasts – Alexandra Samuel – Harvard Business Review
   24.  Intellectual Property Expert Group ipeg » Blog Archive » Turning around the Western World’s Crisis of Creativity
   25.  Faking It: Why Wearing Designer Knockoffs May Have Hidden Psychological Costs: Scientific American
   26.  Draftboard – Collaboration tool made for designers by designers
   27.  Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: GitHub – (37signals)
   28.  Notational Velocity
   29. The New Clutter
   30.  Your Brain on Computers – Studying the Brain Off the Grid, Professors Find Clarity –
   31.  Consumers Find Ways to Spend Less and Find Happiness –
   32.  Innovation is Not Creativity – Vijay Govindarajan – Harvard Business Review
   33.  The Creativity Crisis – Newsweek
   34.  Scott Belsky: How To Avoid The Idea Generation Trap :: Videos :: The 99 Percent
   35.  55 Quotes To Inspire Creativity, Innovation and Action
   36.  WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on the ‘War Logs’: ‘I Enjoy Crushing Bastards’ |
   37.  SUCCEED Blog: A collection of the world’s most epic, awesome, mind blowing Succeeds., iron grill succeed
   38.  Cooking Around the Campfire: 9 Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Recipes | The Art of Manliness
   39.  Downshifting: The First Day of the Rest of My Life
   40.  The Happiness Project: Do You Ever Feel That You Have Two Personalities, Existing Side by Side?
   41.  Tips for reducing your commitment to unwanted obligations | Unclutterer
   42.  Beyond Business: Making Quality Creative Time
   43.  Content Farms & The Death of Remarkable Content
   44.  The Simple Dollar » Making Your Time Less Money-Dense
   45.  The Simple Dollar » The Simple Dollar Is in Bookstores Today… And Here’s Some Free Bonuses for Buyers!
   46.  Start Before You’re Ready | Steven Pressfield Online
   47.  Happiness Flow Chart
   48.  Jeff Bezos – 2010 Princeton University Baccalaureate remarks
   49.  The Art of Non-Conformity » The Journey to Ithaca
   50.  Ebooks are slower to read than paper, survey shows | TG Daily
   51.  Back to the Future Power Laces
   52.  A Musical Message Discovered In Plato’s Works : NPR
   53.  Woot To The AP: Nice Story About Our Sale — You Now Owe Us .50
   54.  The Key to Creating Remarkable Things
   55.  the beauty of imperfection*
   56.  20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks | Copyblogger
   57.  The 7 Essential Steps to Creating Your Content Masterpiece | Copyblogger
   58.  The box on Philip Johnson’s desk « Quo Vadis Blog
   59.  Toy Story 3: What We Can Learn From a Great Story – Donald Miller’s Blog
   60.  Loving A Writer | Steven Pressfield Online
   61.  By Request… The Golden Minute | IttyBiz
   62.  The Rewards of Frugality and Thrift or, Why We Scrimp and Save
   63.  The Wild Faith of Bear Grylls
   64.  Show me yer rig! (Evernote + Instapaper edition) on Vimeo
   65.  Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
   66.  The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health | Psychology Today
   67.  Happy Kit Puts A Smile on Your Face
   68.  The Entrepreneur’s Quest for Balanced Living
   69.  Seth’s Blog: You’re already self employed
   70.  The Line Between Persuasion and Manipulation
   71.  Google Docs Turns Scanned Letters Into Editable Text with OCR
   72.  Will Devices Dictate The Future Of Creative Thought?
   73.  When to Stop Drinking from the Information Fire Hydrant
   74.  Seth’s Blog: Don’t snowglobe me, bro
   75.  Get Creative: 7 More Psychological Techniques
   76.  What All Content Creators Need to Learn From Roger Ebert | Copyblogger
   77.  But what have you shipped?
   78.  “Writers tend to work early in the morning, or late at night, when brains are naturally able to focus…”
   79.  The Problem With the Economy
   80.  Stay Human

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