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So you have that old screenplay from 10 years back that you printed out but long ago lost the floppy disc you’d it saved on. If it’s time to resurrect it and you don’t feel like taking a couple of days to tediously type the whole thing up again, then no fear, Google is here.

Google is taking another one of its experimental features and taking it mainstream: optical character recognition.

Interesting. Looks like Google Docs might be edging in on Evernote’s turf.

It’ll certainly influence it…

Which are you? Information gatherer or assessor?

Every time you interrupt your prospect or consumer, you better ask, “is it important enough…” Most of the time, it’s not. Most of the time, the interruption is a selfish, misguided effort by a committee that doesn’t get it.

Love this article by the PsyBlog on creativity. Great little factoids *backed* with research.

Lesson: Your passion can carry you through hardships. If even a fraction of that passion spills into your content, the potential to build your audience and develop true fans is huge. Don’t phone it in. Bare your soul. Engage.

Yes, I know you're a master of the web, that you've visited every website written in English, that you've been going to SXSW for ten years, that you were one of the first bloggers, you used Foursquare before it was cool and you can code in HTML in your sleep. Yes, I know that you sit in the back of the room tweeting clever ripostes when speakers are up front failing on a panel and that you had a LOLcat published before they stopped being funny.

But what have you shipped?

What have you done with your connection skills that has been worthy of criticism, that moved the dial and that changed the world?

Go, do that.

“Writers tend to work early in the morning, or late at night, when brains are naturally able to focus deeply on one thought. In the middle of the day, distractions are unavoidable. I wonder if anything worthwhile has ever been written in the afternoon.
From Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame


Couldn’t agree more.

The Problem With the Economy

I think the problem with our economy is that most products are complete and utter crap.

By Scott Adams.

If anything, Brogan does know how to be really human.

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