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By Request… The Golden Minute | IttyBiz

And… the point! The golden minute!

When a new fan arrives, there is about a minute when they will do whatever you ask. Not every visitor, no. But every potential fan. They are stoked. They want you. Badly. They are hungry and desperate and a little bit breathless with excitement. They have Found! Something! Awesome!

Have something for them, right at that minute.

Launches are great. Building anticipation is unbeatable. Getting people really excited about your coming product is an excellent tool in your tool belty thing. But brand new fans need you now. Not six weeks from now. Not when your designer gets back to you with the mockups. Not when you finally find the perfect copywriter. Now.

What do you have that your new fans can get now?

An ebook would work. It can be free or not. An audio download, same deal. An entry level priced home study. A series of videos. Whatever. Give them something while they’re in that golden minute.

By Request… The Golden Minute | IttyBiz.