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Beyond Business: Making Quality Creative Time

This got me thinking about my career, because even though I am a copywriter, author and journalist, I rarely seem to make time to work on the types of projects that bring me the most happiness. I then thought about all of the creative people out there who have established their businesses—but still seem to let “business” get in the way. Or all of those other things in life that detract from our creative time.

And by creative time, I mean the time that you can really enjoy yourself, not just work. Perhaps you have a side project you enjoy. Perhaps you have a project you can’t seem to make time for. Even though I write most of the day, only a fraction of that includes work that is my passion and counts as quality “creative time.” (Many of you know that I want more time to devote to my books and magazine writing projects–something that doesn’t pay immediately, but I know will have a huge payoff if I can juuuust maaake moooore tiiiime for.)

Beyond Business: Making Quality Creative Time.

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