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Mind Mapping Software Comparison

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog has a nice comparison complete with charts that show the differences between online mind-mapping applications.  The article focuses on four of the most popular mapping software: Mindomo,, Mindmeister and Thinkature.

I think my favorite is still, but that’s probably because I’ve played with it most.  What’s your favorite of the four above?

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  • wes

    I thought they were cool until I came across Kayuda today on WebWorkerDaily.

    Check it out…

  • I actually use FreeMind since it’s free and Open source. I haven’t tried these but it appears Mind Mapping is making the rounds on the ‘net these days. I actually use Mind Mapping as a way to practically lay out my sermons before I preach them.

  • glen

    Hey wes,

    We’ll check out Kayuda. Thanks for the tip.


    I think Freemind is great if you want to take the time to configure and install on a local installation.

  • @wes:

    Thank you! As the Chief Evil Overlord for Wotan, makers of Kayuda, we really appreciate the kind words.


    Kayuda is brand new–we only launched on the 12th. MindMeister and have a bunch of features that we don’t have…yet. At the same time, I think we have some advantages over either of them. If you wanted to include us in your comparison chart, we’d really appreciate the feedback. Having people tell us where we fall short is probably the most useful thing we could hear right now.

    CEO of the Kayuda team

  • i’ve never really been able to get into mind mapping

  • I use bubbl but I’m still looking around.

  • Jane

    I also like on-line mind mapping software, but I travel a lot and most time I have possibility to plan something (in train or in a bus) I don’t have connection to Internet, so I like my desktop app ConceptDraw MINDMAP

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