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MindMeister Makes Mind Mapping Marvelous

mindmeister mind mapSorry for the alliteration folks. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to keep that at a minimum in the future.

I recently had the pleasure of checking out MindMeister, a mind mapping service that rivals the likes of Mindmeister is great for anyone wanting to quickly dump their thoughts or ideas into graphical form via the web. It’s like Mind Manager, but for the web.

Like, MindMeister uses ajax to allow users to quickly add and populate mind maps. Keyboard shortcuts greatly speed up the process, and it’s fairly quick loading. You can invite others to view or collaborate with you on your maps, which is a huge plus.

The interface is slightly more robust than You can check out revisions or export your data, as well as upload any other mind map you might have lying around, as long as it’s in MindManager 6 or FreeMind format.

The service is still in early beta, but I’ve got 10 invites to let anyone try it if they’re feeling frisky. Just say so in the comments below.

Update:  Tim from Mindmeister has responded to anyone else wanting an invite.

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