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GTD for iPods

hipster PODPodophile has a great post on how to get things done with your iPod. By using Quicksilver to sync with your iPod, you can now send yoiur lists over to the tiny jukebox.

At the click of a button, all of your Projects and Context Lists are sent to your Notes folder, making it easy to review them anywhere you happen to be. Obviously, you can’t add or edit items directly with your iPod, but that’s why I always carry my Hipster POD with me. It’s easy enough to input any new items when I get back to my computer.

Oh yeah, and the Hipster POD is pretty slick too. Much like the Hipster PDA, except for your iPod.

I love the fact that people are so creative in their ways to get organized by using the tools they’re around most.

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